Voice Instruction Settings

Voice Instruction Settings

We use your devices native 'Text to Speech' (TTS) engine for voice instructions. If you don't hear anything, see the I can’t hear voice instructions article.

On Android devices, you can customise these settings with the ability to choose different voices, pitch and speed.

The exact instructions vary between devices and android versions. We recommend use of the Google TTS engine.

Settings --> General Management -->  Text-to-speech output

Tapping the cog next to 'Preferred engine' allows you to install voice data for your chosen TTS engine, including different voice styles and languages.

At time of writing, changing the engine to Google from the default (Samsung) provides more natural sounding voice instructions.

Google (Pixel devices)

Settings --> System --> Language & Input --> Text-to-speech

Tapping the cog next to 'Preferred engine' allows you to choose from different voices.
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