Routing Modes

Routing Modes

When generating a route, you will see icons at the top of your screen that represent the different vehicle routing modes available to you.

They're not specific to type of emergency service, but vehicle characteristics.

The icons are shown in greyscale when unselected, and colour when selected. Tapping between the icons will automatically re-calculate the route.

Response Car

This mode enables you to make use of all exemptions permitted by blue light drivers, as typically implemented by local authorities.

This includes:

  1. No motor vehicle access (e.g. Low Traffic Neighbourhoods and School Streets)
  2. No left/right turns
  3. Bus/taxi access only
  4. Emergency access only

If there are physical barriers (e.g. bollards or locked gates) blocking the road, the route will not try to take you through them.

Large Response Vehicle

This mode is designed for most larger emergency vehicles.  It also enables you to make use of all legal exemptions permitted by blue light drivers, as listed above.

It will avoid roads with restrictions that are narrower than 2.5m, the typical width of ambulances, police personnel carriers and general fire appliances.

We do not currently check for height restrictions.

Smooth Ambulance Ride

This mode is designed for ambulances with a patient on board. It will try to avoid speed bumps and rough road surfaces as much as possible, while also avoiding width restrictions narrower than 2.5m.

It enables you to make use of all legal exemptions permitted by blue light drivers, as listed above. If, for example, there is both a width restriction and a wider lane designed for buses, the Blue Light Routing functionality will expect you to travel through the wider bus lane.


This mode is designed for cars that are not in response mode, or where you do not wish to make use of legal exemptions.

It will route you along routes that can be used by the general public.

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