Map Downloads & Updates

Map Downloads & Updates

Types of Map

As well as regional maps, we have 'World' and 'WorldCoasts' maps. These are high level maps that contain some data on large cities and coastlines respectively.

As all of our routing calculations take place offline, having the relevant maps downloaded is vital.

Downloading Maps

When you first install Blue Light Maps, you'll be prompted to download map data for the region you're currently in. If you start to browse the map while zoomed in through areas that you don't have downloaded, the app will download the extra areas automatically.

If you try to navigate to an area where you don't have maps downloaded, you'll be prompted to download the relevant region(s).

You can also download maps from the Download Maps menu (bottom right icon).

Updating Maps

We provide updated Maps for our supported countries every month.

If you are using outdated maps, you'll see an in-app notification on the menu button indicating that updates are available, as shown below.

It's important to update maps frequently. You should also ensure the app itself is running the latest version.

Entering the 'Download Maps' menu will show you all the maps you have installed, and allow you to download newer versions if they're available.

The yellow icon indicates which maps or categories have updates. Tapping it will update any maps you already have installed to the latest version.

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